Section 2: Types and structural properties of patterns

Patterns are assigned to different levels of description (Section 2: Types and structural properties of patterns). In this section, we welcome contributions on both formal (e.g., at sound, word, multi-word, sentence, text level) and meaning (e.g., semantic frames, topics) patterns as well as multimodal and cross-modal patterns (e.g., between text and vision/image, language and gestures, text and speech). We also welcome contributions that deal with patterns at the crossroads of different levels of description (e.g., patterns between morphology and syntax or between lexicon and onomasticon). The guiding question for contributions is: Which methods are applied to extract and analyse patterns on specific levels of description? Contributions should present case studies, and the focus should be on the discussion of methodologies (e.g., quantitative and qualitative corpus studies, experimental approaches).

Editors: Milena Belosevic & Sören Stumpf